Are Yoga & Healing A Broke Business?

broke business

Are Yoga & Healing A Broke Business?

Is Yoga A Broke Business?

Why do people think yogis are meant to be broke? Why is yoga a broke business? I had a really interesting conversation this morning with one of my yoga students while I held my coffee cup. He asked if it was tea and I said, no, it’s coffee. His words that followed stuck with me when he said: “Yogis don’t drink coffee.” Image me jaw wide open and my witty reply just waiting to escape my lips. So many per-conceived notions about what yogis are and what they aren’t. Yogis should be loin cloth wearing, mountain cave living, hippies. Broke hippies who drive a VW van and are oblivious to the world’s happenings.

A small flash appeared in my brain. Why is yoga & healing a broke business is because not only is the value underestimated but because there is a collective thought saying yogis can’t be wealthy. I am sure there is more BUT I am going to credit some of our belief systems on other people’s opinions of us.

You know as well as I do that what we think, say and do affects everything. When you have a collective consciousness thinking yogis are meant to be humble, also meaning poor in some cases it can prevent the growth of some. I know this is a bit far out but another example to point out. When I leased my Mercedes-Benz my longtime friend passed by and said I can’t picture you in this car. Of course inquisitive me asked “Why?”, her answer: “yogis don’t drive Benzes.”



business of yogaThe Power Of The Mind

Has anyone ever told you anything that would prevent you from playing big. I get upset because if more yogis were millionaires, the world would be a much better place. If yogis held positions of influence, there would be less wars, less damage to the environment, more social awareness, more hugs, more presence… do I need to go on?

If everyone out there changed their negative mindset on why yogis are meant to be broke, humble, non-attached to material all of us would rise to be more affluent. Being humble doesn’t mean not beingg able to pay rent. Being non-attached doesn’t mean not being able to have a luxury item as long as not having that wouldn’t make you upset. Having money is a blessing because of all it allows you to do. Buying an expensive car without donating to a cause is not the value of a yogi. Being able to buy the more expensive local organic produce from your local farmers market is a good thing and shouldn’t be a sacrifice.


It is time for us to be leaders and manifest abundance to take the world into a better place where it is energy rich, aware, kind, caring and full of love. Healing the spirit, mind and body through yoga is a priceless gift that has no price, but doesn’t mean it’s free either. The more we can affect the world through breath, spirit and light, and get properly paid for it, to then give back is a gift.

Be. Create. Inspire.

My tagline for Bizzy Yogi. Be the best person you can be so you can create your dreams through a brand and business you love, so that you can inspire others to be the highest aspect of themselves.



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