Analysis Paralysis

Analysis Paralysis

Are you stuck? Analysis Paralysis Might Be The Answer!

Has this dreaded symptom called analysis paralysis happened to you? At home here we use this phrase a lot because it highlights the inactivity of our checklists due to over analyzing. That’s right, me the Bizzy Yogi also suffers from it. My main Gallup Strength is ACTIVATOR!!!

We make fun of it because it has turned into a little creature we tell to bugger off when we can’t seem to finish a project. I say we because my husband and I both suffer from it’s hypnotic overtake. Analyzing things is awesome! It helps us see things clearly, all the steps, think of the goods, the bads and the uglies… but staying in that swamp too long will do nothing but freeze you.

It’s The Princess Bride

Do you remember Princess Bride? The fire swamp? The sand pits? Analysis paralysis is exactly that. It’s having to know where the flames jump out and bite you so you have to be extra observant and careful and it’s also getting sucked into the sand pits because you waited too long to cross. This is the dreaded symptom of most entrepreneurs.

Reflections & Movement

Last week vision and desire was the topic, well what happens with that if you are stuck in paralyze robot I can’t make a decision mode? YUP I am talking to you. You know who you are! Afraid that one small step will lead to doom, that everything has to be perfect before we get the client, that my website isn’t finished so why start marketing.

I am also talking to you who is bold and daring. Who is ready to step up and make a shift happen. I am talking to you who doesn’t let anything or anyone stand in your way. Think back 50 years ago… maybe you were alive, maybe not. Websites? NO. Facebook Lives? NO. We have it so easy! You can literally build a site in 10 minutes if you really wanted to. Not a 20 page site, but a home page. A logo, $20 on Done.

Analysis paralysis is the disease you want to have sometimes for a little bit to observe and make sure you aren’t moving too fast that you miss something massive or obvious and it’s also good to know how to get out of!

Here are some tips to get rid of analysis paralysis:

  • Change your state. This is so Tony Robbins. If you are frozen and aren’t taking the action you need to get the results you want, do something different. Example: My husband met me at my old yoga studio at an AcroYoga class. He had been wanting to date for months but just wasn’t getting the results by doing the same old thing. He decided to try AcroYoga and who’s the first person he saw at the front desk? ME! Thus asked me out and now we are in paradise. Do something different and don’t be afraid!
  • Talk to someone. This is where a mentor comes in. Yes, someone like me, or maybe a colleague who will cut through your shit and make you see real. Maybe it’s a friend who will snap you out of it. Maybe it’s me. I’m good about shaking things up. (that was my moment of shameless self promotion)
  • Vision board. I use this as an answer a lot but they really do work! Vision boards make you reconnect to your original idea and reason, to your why! Have a fun night with some wine or kombucha and imagine away so that whatever is preventing you from moving forward seems less important.
    Give up. WHAT? Did I say that? Yes, give up. Maybe then when you realize you are throwing away your dreams, you will snap out of it and take a step towards not sabotaging your happiness. It’s TRUE!
  • Create a list. Write a list of top 10 things that would happen if you succeed and if you fail. Please make one of those save the earth because you will be immensely influential. Just saying, I want you (and me) to have this kind of effect on the world with your amazing company and brand.
    If you are not stuck in the mud… call me. If you are not sure what to do and ideas are just a flurry… call me. If you want to have a dance party and are in Miami… definitely call me. They are the best to change your state. I suggest some Shakira. She’s awesome.

Can you imagine what it would feel like without the fear and the blocks? It’s called moving into ease and flow. As a yogi, that’s ALL I try to do and what I want to see you do as well.

So yes, analysis paralysis can ruin your chances for an awesome ideal, soul driven life, and it can also ruin your chances to shift the world. Don’t let this sickness rule you. Do something about it. Join my Facebook group as I will give you cheerleader love daily! I am an acrobatics coach… I can make you work it to get the results you need!

Love you,
in movement and more.



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