Why I quit being a yoga teacher

Why I quit being a yoga teacher

What a decade being a yoga teacher taught me

I am a yoga teacher. I am just a yoga teacher. My identity was all around being a yoga teacher, and you know what was happening?

I wasn’t enjoying teaching yoga!

Imagine identity crisis when all I did was teach classes and teach people how to be yoga teachers. It didn’t feel good. There was a total misalignment to who I was because if you asked me my answer was, I’m a yoga teacher. What happened is that because of my misalignment my yoga teaching started to become almost boring and robotic.

What changed?

First of all, let’s get something clear. Teaching yoga was not the problem. Realizing my purpose was the inside issue which caused the external symptoms. Sounds like science huh? Well, it is totally a science, just like yoga. I realized I was not in alignment to my inner strengths which are creative, action oriented, and all about motivation. So me teaching asana based classes 5 times a week, was not filling my purpose cup anymore.

By harnessing my strengths I allowed my inner motivation and excitement to return! It was such an exhilarating moment because I was eager to work and create and move. The power of being in alignment is so crucial to staying motivated and a sad yoga teacher is no fun for anyone.

So now I bring this to you. Not that you are going through the struggle of identity of should I teach or not, it’s more about using your strengths to fulfill your passions and be in alignment to your values and desires. Being a yoga teacher is the greatest gift I ever had and knowing things change is the beauty of the practice.

Shit hit the fan

Yup. I went into a slight depression and it sucked because I had never gone through that. I am one bubbly happy person, yet it was hard for me to do anything. And, did you read above my main strengths are activator and motivator. So this yoga teacher, muddled in I don’t know what to do with myself (I did have Bizzy Yogi already) but still! Having the cojones to let go of something so ingrained in me was so hard!!! What’s even crazier is that all this abundant energy was going to sulking and feeling bad about myself. Pity party for Ari in my own house, with no one else but me at it.

WOW. That was even hard for me to write. So in my depression, everything else started to get affected. My new business which I Love, my relationships with my friends, and my relationship with myself.


This is the happy dance. I had 2 conversations that made so much sense in my logical efficient brain. 1. With my friend Jen. 2. With my coach Michelle.

What happened is that they mirrored me and my soul. They asked me the questions that I wanted to ask myself but didn’t have the strength for. They showed me how life is a transition and sometimes we let go of things to activate and accentuate others. All I needed was also some validation that taking this decision was probably the smartest thing for me. Once I saw that and allowed myself to release, that resistance to let go vanished.

So there it is. From one decision roller coaster of emotions. I felt like I broke up with my boyfriend and became the cat lady. What’s super cool is that now when I do teach, it’s with an air of freshness, of desire vs having to. I LOVE TEACHING YOGA, just once in a while.

I’m really looking forward to being more present and awake to my new adventures with the Yoga Expo, with Bizzy Yogi and YOU!

I would love to hear from you where you are in your journey and if you need a sounding board just email me [email protected]




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