Is Yoga Business Different? Integrity and Ethics

Integrity and Business I’m jumping on here to talk and ask- what’s the deal with business and yoga? In light of recent articles in Elephant Journal (check it out here) […]

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Yoga Retreat Mania!

Yoga Retreat Mania! Yoga retreat mania has hit the yoga scene like an avalanche! And let me tell you why I think this is a great thing… but a double-edged sword. […]

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Wisdom vs Advice

Wisdom vs advice? I had never thought about this before honestly. I always thought to offer good suggestions was good enough until my mentor offered me the distinction. Good advice is telling […]

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My newsletter and open rates… why do I need to know?

Newsletter hell. Have you asked yourself this question before? Are you stuck trying to see what cool stuff you send in your newsletter? I know. I have been there. I […]

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The Real Reason I Quit Being A Yoga Teacher

What a decade being a yoga teacher taught me: “I am a yoga teacher. I am just a yoga teacher.”   My identity was all around being a yoga teacher, […]

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Does the word business scare you?

Does the word business scare you? The beginning to my story. 2005. Graduation of my YTT. I close my eyes and I remember it all! The excitement to start teaching and […]

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