Get ready tocreate

activatelife and work to the fullest

Get ready tocreate

activatelife and work to the fullest

What is Bizzy Academy?

An interactive program designed to move you through the layers of creation for your business. It’s a video and audio based program with tools to get you into the state of mind and being you need to create greater success in your professional life.

If you have a current business that needs help or you are wanting to begin one, Bizzy Academy is the place to be. From branding and marketing, to business models and sales training, we are here to take this journey together. It’s time to get off your ASANA and take action!


Wow! I can't say enough about Arianne. This woman gets things done! She brings her business savvy and years of experience to the table. Arianne is confident, understanding and creative.

She helped me go from teaching hourly base-pay classes to hosting retreats, having a stronger on-line presence and being the professional teacher that I am. If you want to organize yourself, take your business to the next level, and do it with a sense of creativity not some cookie cutter template! – Leah Kinsella

Who is a Bizzy Yogi?

Creative Yogis who want to create more abundance in their lives.
Current or soon to be teachers who want to learn more about the business of yoga world.
Teachers who are looking to create their own programs and businesses.
Future difference makers in the world.
Wellness practitioners who are looking at growing their brand and expand into a new phase.
Bad asses. (yes I said it)


Bizzy Yogi is geared to creative yogis with an entrepreneurial mind and heart. To those who want to create a difference in the world and be aligned with values that will affect the world in a positive way.

The Bizzy Yogi Academy provides training and skill sets that are not covered in a Yoga Teacher Training and gives you the tools to expand what you thought wasn’t possible.

Let’s change the existing yoga culture and it’s ideas around money and how we make it. By expanding your horizons in business models, branding and marketing you will create your own future.

Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.

-Khalil Gibran